Transit funding springs from several sources

August 7, 2018

NEEDLES — In order to fund the Needles Area Transit, Senior Dial-a-Ride and Dial-a-Ride Medical Transport programs for the 2018-19 fiscal year the city of Needles filed applications to claim additional funding.

According to background information provided by city staff, the funding sources include the Local Transportation Fund, State Transit Assistance Fund and Measure I operations.

The claims, according to staff, are based on adopted budget figures and include operational and administrative expenses and the city’s share of costs to participate in a transit performance reporting system.

In addition, STA capital funding is being carried forward for the purchase of a new vehicle for DAR, a 50 percent match for transit stop access, and shelters/benches for NAT bust stops.

The expected fiscal impact is $198,961 in LTF funding; $126,757 in STA operations; $204,188 in STA capital ($140,000 for purchase of new DAR vehicle; $30,189 for 50 percent match for transit spot access and $39,999 for NAT shelters/benches); $13,738 in Measure I; and a $150 Measure I Fare Subsidy.

The city council approved the filing claim applications for LTF, STA Fund, and Measure I Operations during their meeting on June 26.

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