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Proposals by Mexican President Fox

December 2, 2000

Some of the policy proposals made in inaugural speeches Friday by Mexican President Vicente Fox. They are among dozens of such reforms mentioned by Fox since he won Mexico’s presidential elections.

_CONSTITUTION: Proposes major overhaul of Mexico’s Constitution. Suggests allowing referendums or plebiscites.

_OIL: Vows to make state oil company Pemex more efficient. Rules out privatization. Also promises to keep electric company in state hands.

_JUSTICE: Would give courts greater power to determine if laws or government actions are constitutional.

_SECURITY: Vows to end government practice of spying on politicians and social activists, to revamp the intelligence agency and to create advisory National Security Council.

_CORRUPTION: Demands that Cabinet secretaries accept new code of ethics. Promises to open government files on old scandals and to punish old as well as new cases of corruption.

_INDIAN RIGHTS: Promises to propose rebel-backed Indian-rights bill in Congress.

_ECONOMY: Promises fiscal reforms to encourage savings and investments. Proposes agencies to support small businesses, including a microcredit program.

_EDUCATION: Plans to create scholarship program with private and public funds. Vows to expand adult education. Insists the government will continue to support public universities.

_FARMING: Proposes revamping aid programs, giving more power to states.

_HEALTH: Proposes universal health care and letting families choose their own doctors.

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