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May 17, 2018

Britain’s Prince Harry will marry American actress Meghan Markle at 7 a.m. EDT May 19 in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. Following the ceremony, the couple will travel through the town in a carriage procession. Guests will then attend a reception at St. George’s Hall, with a private reception for friends and family later that evening hosted by Prince Charles.

AP has been covering all aspects of the wedding preparations, and will cover the wedding itself, for text, photos and video. You can find complete coverage at https://www.apnews.com/tag/Royalweddings. Here’s a look at coverage plans for the next two days:

Friday, May 18:

ROYAL WEDDING-BEAUTY SHOT —AP Video will offer a live beauty shot of Windsor Castle from the afternoon of Thursday May 17 until sunrise on Sunday May 20. Live video.

ROYAL WEDDING-PREPARATIONS — Atmosphere the day before the wedding, security, well-wishers camped out, deliveries arriving for wedding. Video, text, photos. Live video coverage from Windsor. Details TBD.

Saturday, May 19:

AP will offer extensive coverage in text, video and photos on the day of the wedding.

Text: A main story under the Royal Wedding slug capturing the ceremony and color from Windsor; Royal Wedding-The Latest with 130 word updates throughout the day from Windsor, the UK and the rest of the world; Royal Wedding-Meghan’s Gown, a story about Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, Royal Wedding-Service, a story about the church service and readings, Royal Wedding-Fashion, a story about what guests are wearing; Royal Wedding-Timeline, a timeline of Harry and Meghan’s lives and relationship; profiles of Harry and Meghan; and other separate stories as warranted.

Photos: A seven-strong team of award-winning AP photographers will provide comprehensive self-cover of the wedding and the procession through the streets of Windsor. AP will also have full access to the photographic pool, which will consist of the work of thirty-five (35) photographers both inside Windsor Castle and on the carriage procession route. We will deliver photos from selected positions in real-time. AP will curate a photo gallery of the best images from the day that will tell the story of how events unfolded.

Video: AP will offer live video from sunrise to sunset on the day of the wedding. We will access a live signal of the arrivals, ceremony and procession and will fast file comprehensive edits throughout the day. Clients please note, a separate advisory with a detailed plan of video coverage on the day, including details on the source and restrictions of the live feed of arrivals, ceremony and the procession will follow shortly.

From approx. 0300GMT, live beauty shot of Windsor Castle with sunrise at approx. 0400GMT

::Source AP. Restrictions: AP Clients Only

From approx. 0440GMT, live of spectators arriving at a train station in Windsor.

::Live. Source AP. Restrictions: AP Clients Only. LiveU quality.

From approx 0600GMT, live shot of crowds beginning to arrive at the Long Walk and Home Park, Windsor where the wedding will be broadcast on big screens.

::Source AP. Restrictions: AP Clients Only.

From approx. 0815GMT arrivals begin.

- 1045GMT - Prince Harry and Prince William are due to arrive at St George’s Chapel

- 1055GMT - Queen Elizabeth II arrives at St George’s Chapel

- 1059GMT - Meghan Markle arrives at the chapel

::Live video followed by edits.

::Source and restrictions to be updated.

1100-1200GMT - Wedding ceremony at St George’s Chapel

::Clients please note: an official Order of Service will appear on the Kensington Palace website on Saturday morning.

::Live video followed by edits.

::Source and restrictions to be updated.

From approx. 1215-1240GMT - Procession around the streets of Windsor

- 1215GMT - Procession starts

- 1240GMT - Procession ends back at Windsor Castle

::Live video followed by edits.

::Source and restrictions to be updated.

From approx. 1345GMT - Lunchtime reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at St George’s Hall until approximately 1430GMT.

::Clients please note: we are not expecting media coverage of the reception.

At approximately 1800GMT - Guests depart Windsor Castle for Frogmore Hall reception

::Live video followed by edits.

::Source and restrictions to be updated.

Global Media Services: AP’s Global Media Services will be offering clients live stand up positions at the following locations:

Windsor Castle Hill

Windsor Home Park

London Buckingham Palace

London Kensington Palace


In case you missed it, here’s what’s moved already:

ROYAL WEDDING-AMERICAN PRINCESSES — When Meghan Markle marries Britain’s Prince Harry, she’ll become one of just a handful of Americans to become princesses around the globe. By Entertainment Writer Leanne Italie. SENT April 4: 1,100 words, photos.

ROYAL WEDDING — Kensington Palace says U.S. President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May are not among 600 people invited to the May 19 ceremony at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. SENT April 10: 420 words, photos, video.

BRITAIN-MARKLE’S-MAGIC — Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry isn’t just a trans-Atlantic love story linking the House of Windsor to Hollywood. Their May 19 wedding is a boon for florists, bakers and tiara makers but also a bonanza for the broader British economy. When Meghan wears something, people want to buy it. SENT April 12: 900 words, photos.

ROYAL WEDDING-TIARAS — One benefit of marrying the queen’s grandson is that you can borrow a seriously great tiara for your wedding ensemble. A look at some of the options Meghan may have when it comes to topping off her look. SENT April 18: 1,100 words, photos, video.

ROYAL WEDDING-BOOKS — Some books to guide you on the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding path. With the royal wedding set for May 19, the publishing industry has been busy. Here’s a look at a few new titles, including royal biographer Andrew Morton’s new “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess.” By Entertainment Writer Leanne Italie. SENT April 19: 640 words, photos, video.

ROYAL POLICE —Police demonstrate Windsor security checks ahead of royal wedding. SENT April 19: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-FOUR WEEKS TO GO — A look at preparations with just one month to go until the royal wedding. SENT April 21: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-GUEST ETIQUETTE — One of the lucky few invited to the royal wedding? If you’re a lady, grab those nude stockings, because bare legs are a no go. Another faux pas? Wearing a hat so big the person behind you in St. George’s Chapel can’t see a thing. With the royal wedding fast approaching, etiquette experts weigh in on dos and don’ts. By Leanne Italie. SENT April 23: 1,110 words of chunky text, photos.

ROYAL WEDDING-THE DRESS — What does it really take to create a luxury, one of a kind gown fit for the year’s most high-profile wedding? With the designer of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress still veiled in mystery, London’s most upscale bridal shops explain the process of making an exclusive couture gown, and weigh in on whether Meghan’s dress will reflect popular trends driving bridal wear. By Sylvia Hui. SENT April 24: 700 words, video, photo gallery.

ROYAL WEDDING-MEMORABILIA — A look at memorabilia on sale to mark the royal wedding. SENT April 26: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-BECOMING BRITISH — A look at the bureaucratic process Meghan Markle will face in order to become a British subject. It’s a laborious, expensive process that usually takes a few years, and she’ll have to pass a test, but Harry may choose to streamline things a bit. By Jill Lawless. SENT April 27: 1,000 words, photos.

ROYAL WEDDING-TAILORS — What will Prince Harry be wearing on the day, style for his wedding party. SENT April 27: Video.

TRAVEL-ROYAL WEDDING-HOTELS — Whether you’re watching the royal wedding on TV from another country or visiting London for a glimpse of the procession, the hotel industry wants to accommodate you in style, with afternoon teas, Pimm’s Cup cocktails and special offers ranging from a $50,000 package fit for a queen to a New York hotel supplying condoms with a Union Jack logo. By Beth J. Harpaz. SENT April 30: 680 words, photos. SENT May 4: Video, 130 words.

TRAVEL-ROYAL HOLIDAY — Invite to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding get lost in the mail? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered on how to have a right royal time in England, no blue blood required. By Michelle Locke. SENT April 30: 1,000 words, photos.

PORTUGAL MEGHAN SHOES — Portuguese company sends Meghan Markle bridal ballerina shoes. SENT April 30: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-ROMANCE — A look back at the romance between Harry and Meghan, including their first pictures together and a commentator on how their relationship has grown. SENT May 1: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-HORSES — Carriages and horses unveiled for Harry and Meghan royal wedding. SENT May 2: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-RINGS — A visit to the gold mine in Wales that will produce the gold for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding bands. SENT May 3: Video.

UK MEGHAN JEANS — Welsh designer Hiut Denim has seen a boom in business after Meghan Markle wore the company’s jeans for a trip to Cardiff in January. SENT May 7: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-PRINCE HARRY — A profile of Harry detailing how he has transformed himself in the eyes of the public from a playboy prince into a widely admired man of substance. SENT May 8: Text, photos, video.

ROYAL WEDDING-MEGHAN MARKLE — Meghan Markle had a Hollywood childhood, growing up in a working-class section of the city where the children of show business learn and are raised not just at school, but on film and television sets. Part of Markle’s formative years were spent at the studio where her father worked as director of photography for the comedy series “Married...with Children” — the first glimpse of a world that would later send Markle to stardom, and a fairy tale wedding. By Andrew Dalton and Marcela Isaza. SENT 10 May: 1,200 words of text, photos, video.

ROYAL WEDDING-WINDSOR — Preparations in Windsor, including security, as the town prepares to host the royal wedding. SENT May 11: Text, photos, video.

ROYAL WEDDING-BETTING —Bookmakers are likely to take bets on everything from who will design Meghan’s wedding dress to what song they’ll dance to first. SENT May 11: Text, photos, video.

ROYAL WEDDING-ONE WEEK TO GO — A look at what’s known and what’s not with just a week to go will the royal wedding. SENT May 12: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-KATE VS MEGHAN — A look at the differences between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. SENT May 14: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-MEDIA — World media descends on Windsor for the royal wedding. SENT May 15: Video, text, photos.

ROYAL WEDDING-NEW GENERATION — Harry’s father Prince Charles couldn’t marry Camilla in a church because she was divorced. His great-aunt couldn’t marry the love of her life for the same reason, and his great-great-uncle ended up leaving the throne so he could marry a divorcee. That’s not an issue any longer. The latest generation of Windsors has been able to toss off the romantic restrictions that entangled their elders with disastrous consequences. SENT May 16: Chunky text, photos.

ROYAL WEDDING-MONARCHY — How the young royals are changing the British monarchy and what impact Meghan is expected to have. SENT May 16: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-ROYAL WATCHERS — Royal wedding watchers stake claim to position in Windsor grounds. SENT May 16: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-TOURISTS — People travelling to the UK from the US to see the wedding. SENT May 17: Video.

ROYAL WEDDING-STOREFRONTS — Wacky storefront displays mark the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel. SENT May 17: Video.

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