Ludington USCG station to reopen for season

May 9, 2019

Activity is coming to the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Ludington this weekend as the service opens the now seasonal station for the 2019 months.

“Each station (Ludington and Frankfort) will have two crews, and they’ll have two days on (duty) and two days off,” said Petty Officer Adrian Ledesma, public affairs representative at the Manistee post. The Manistee station oversees both Ludington and Frankfort. “We’ll be there for the entirety of the boating season, and pretty much as long as the (SS) Badger is running.”

The Ludington station will be staffed seven days a week, 24 hours each day, and a 29-foot craft will be tied up for the four-man crew working each shift to use, he said.

“They’ll be able to execute a variety of missions,” Ledesma said. “They can do traditional search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, port and waterway security, serve as an escort for the carferry Badger and ensure safe and secure navigation.”

The SS Badger is scheduled to have its initial sailing of the season Friday.

Ledesma said the stations in both Ludington and Frankfort are open for the season, and that season could be from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but that plan is flexible depending upon the boating traffic each of the ports have.

The personnel for the Ludington and Frankfort stations, when they shifted to become seasonal, were working out of the Manistee station during the colder months. Now that spring is here and summer nears, those personnel are making their way to each of the stations. Ledesma said the Frankfort station also is being “staffed up” this weekend.

Should an emergency or need arise, Manistee’s station also has a 45-foot, jet-driven response boat that can handle 12-foot waves and winds to 50 knots, or 57.58 mph.

Ledesma said the station in Ludington has been checked over from time to time, and personnel are making sure that it opens without any issues.

“We want to remind the boating public that we’re going to have an increased and more spread out presence to accommodate the boating traffic,” he said. “And we remind everyone to be safe on the water.”