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Maddie, David and Oscar Give ABC Second Place

April 7, 1987

NEW YORK (AP) _ Ogling and Oscar were not enough to win the week for ABC in the Nielsens, but the network did get a lift out of last place for only the third time this season.

NBC won the week, its 25th win out of 28 weeks so far.

ABC got a boost from the Academy Awards show, even though it was the second-worst-rated Oscar show, and from a best-ever audience ever for a ″Moonlighting″ episode, touted as the night that bickering detectives Maddie and David would finally get ″between the sheets.″

After Tuesday night’s ″Moonlighting,″ ABC had a 10-point rating advantage on NBC, said Gerald Jaffe, NBC vice president for research projects.

But when the numbers for the week ending April 3 were in, NBC had overtaken ABC with an average prime-time rating of 16.7 and a 26 share to ABC’s 15.8 and 25. CBS had 15.2 and 24. NBC’s season-to-date average rating is 17.9; CBS’ is 16.0 and ABC’s is 14.2.

The rating is a percentage of the nation’s estimated 87.4 million homes with televisions. The share is a percentage of the audience viewing during a particular time period.

ABC had five top-10 shows.

″Moonlighting″ was third. The Academy Awards show was fifth. ″Growing Pains″ was sixth. A Barbara Walters special that preceded the Oscars was ninth, and ″Who’s the Boss?″ was eighth.

As usual, NBC’s ″The Cosby Show″ was the top-rated show of the week, with a 37.9 rating and 56 share. ″Family Ties″ was second, and ″Cheers″ was fourth.

CBS’ only top-10 entry was ″Murder, She Wrote″ at seventh.

NBC’s ″Golden Girls″ was 10th.

CBS won in the news ratings, with an average rating of 12.8 and a 23 share to NBC’s 12.4 and 22. ABC had a 10.9 and 19.

The networks are assessing the performances of mid-season replacement shows to decide what ones will be put on the fall schedule.

NBC’s ″Rags to Riches″ went from riches to rags, dropping to 46th in the rankings. The premiere of ″Nothing in Common″ was 14th, but it was in the strong ″Cosby″ lineup on Thursday. ″Roomies″ was in so-so 43rd. The high- school drama ″Bronx Zoo″ was only 50th. The ″Cheers″ spinoff ″The Tortellis″ continued to do poorly at 51st.

ABC’s ″Max Headroom,″ a critically praised sci-fi drama, debuted after the boffo ″Moonlighting″ and was 26th. But the ″The Charmings″ was not charming audiences and was 53rd. The new prison drama ″Mariah″ was in dungeon territory at 55th.

″Still Crazy Like a Fox,″ a movie based on the canceled series, was 12th, improving the odds that CBS will bring the comedy detective series back next season.

CBS’ cop show ″Houston Knights″ continued to hold strong at 38th. But the network’s new comedies did not fare well. ″The Popcorn Kid″ was 57th, ″Take Five″ was 64th and ″Roxie″ was 65th.

The lowest-rated shows in the 70 rankings were, from the bottom: ″Our World,″ ″Jack & Mike,″ ″Walter Cronkite at Large,″ ″Wizard,″ ″Destination America,″ ″Roxie,″ ″Take Five,″ ″Cagney and Lacey,″ ″Our House″ and ″Winter of Our Discontent.″

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