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Saturday, August 15

August 9, 2015

Today is Saturday, August 15, the 227th day of 2015. There are 138 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1057 - Macbeth is killed in battle by Malcolm, son of late king Duncan, near Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1047, Macbeth killed Duncan to grab the Scottish throne. The fight for the crown continued for generations.

1498 - Grenada is sighted by Christopher Columbus. He sails past the island without landing and gives it the name Concepcion.

1658 - Sweden’s King Charles X begins second war with Denmark and lays siege to Copenhagen.

1834 - South Australia Act is passed by Britain’s Parliament, allowing for establishment of colony there.

1865 - Sir Joseph Lister, a British surgeon, discovers the antiseptic process and reduces postoperative patient mortality to less than 15 percent in one year.

1914 - The Panama Canal is officially opened.

1920 - Polish Marshal Jozef Pilsudski crushes Soviet troops in the Battle of Warsaw, blocking their march on western Europe.

1945 - Korea is liberated from 35 years of colonial rule with Japan’s defeat in World War II. The peninsula is divided into the communist North and capitalist South.

1947 - After 200 years, India becomes independent from British rule with Jawaharlal Nehru as prime minister. Pakistan, a new country, is carved out of India.

1950 - A magnitude 8.4 earthquake kills 200 people and destroys 30,000 square miles (76,800 square kilometers) of land in Assam, northeast India.

1965 - Four days of rioting begin in Los Angeles, what becomes known as the Watts Riots, that leave more than 30 dead and hundreds injured.

1971 - Bahrain gains independence from Britain.

1975 - Bangladesh’s founding father, Sheik Mujibur Rahman, is assassinated with most of his family in a successful military coup.

1982 - South Korea frees 1,251 convicted criminals and 35 jailed political dissidents in a general amnesty, celebrating its liberation from Japanese colonial rule in August 1945.

1991 - U.N. Security Council authorizes Iraq to export US$1.6 billion of oil to finance desperately needed food, medicine and emergency supplies.

1994 - Carlos the Jackal, freelance terrorist, is arrested in Sudan and flown to Paris for trial. He is eventually sentenced to life in prison by a Paris court for the 1975 murders of two French secret agents and an alleged informer.

1998 - A car bomb in Omagh, Northern Ireland, kills 29 people and injures 370, in the last major bombing of the decades-long conflict known as the Troubles.

2001 - The death toll in the ambush of a refugee train by Angolan rebels rises to 252 after rescue workers identify 100 more bodies.

2002 - Police in Zimbabwe begin arresting white farmers who defied a government order to leave their farms.

2007 - India celebrates the 60th anniversary of its independence from British rule a day after Pakistan celebrates. Pakistan’s independence came a day earlier than India’s so that the last British viceroy, Lord Louis Mountbatten, could attend both ceremonies.

2011 - A relentless barrage of bombings kill 63 people in the most sweeping and coordinated attack Iraq has seen in over a year, striking 17 cities from northern Sunni areas to the southern Shiite heartland.

2013 - World condemnation widens for the bloody crackdown on ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s mostly Islamic supporters as the death toll soars past 600 in the country’s deadliest day since the 2011 popular uprising that toppled autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak.

Today’s Birthdays:

Napoleon Bonaparte, French emperor (1769-1821); Sir Walter Scott, Scottish novelist-poet (1771-1832); Ethel Barrymore, U.S. actress (1879-1959); T(homas) E(dward) Lawrence (of Arabia), British soldier and author (1888-1935); Julia Child, American TV chef and author (1912-2004); Oscar Peterson, Canadian jazz pianist (1925-2007); Linda Ellerbee, U.S. author/journalist (1944--); England’s Princess Anne (1950--); Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Mexico-born film director (1963--); Debra Messing, actress (1968--); Ben Affleck, actor (1972--).

Thought For Today:

We must not read either law or history backward — Helen M. Cam, English historian and educator (1885-1968).

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