WNAC Creative Juices fundraiser set for Jan. 19.

January 2, 2019

SCOTTSBLUFF — West Nebraska Arts Center invites the community to uncork their winter blues during the annual wine tasting fundraiser on Saturday, Jan 19.

The fundraiser will be from 7:30-10 p.m. at the Western Nebraska Arts Center.

This year’s fundraiser will feature a variety of illustrations based on the theme creative juices. The juried exhibit features 55 pieces on display during the wine tasting fundraiser. As part of the creative juices theme, the public is encouraged to dress in 1960s attire as the arts center is decorated in hippy-era colors.

“We had some very different artwork for this show,” Michele Denton, director of WNAC, said. “It’s just nice to have the camaraderie and the fun of dressing up while being surrounded by the art.”

Ahead of the fundraiser, volunteers are busy setting up the main gallery. Mary Hunt started grouping similar artwork together around the gallery on Monday.

“We have a lot more three-dimensional, so that’s really fun,” said Hunt. “So what I’m going to do is just arrange everything how it’s going to look best as a show. Generally, what I go by is just a feel of the piece but a lot of it has to do with the color.”

While every show is different and poses a new challenge, Hunt said she tries to create balance on the walls to make every wall look complete throughout the gallery. With each piece being a different size, for people who are visualizing how the piece will fit in their homes. As each piece finds its place in the gallery, Hunt also gets to look at the details of each piece.

“The other thing that’s really fun about doing this is when I get to see all of the pieces up close before the reception,” said Hunt.

Hunt said it takes her one to two hours to arrange the pieces around the floor of the gallery and two hours to hang for a show. Shows with more pieces take longer.

The creative juices fundraiser provides an opportunity for the community to enjoy some fine wine and a charcuterie board while being surrounded by art. Chieftain Distribution and Main Street Market are providing the wine.

As people enter the east side of the gallery, they will see Gloria Floyd’s best of show piece “Blue Galaxy.” Floyd, of Scottsbluff, made the piece from concrete, epoxy, glass crystals and and oak solid base. Beside her piece is Ron Kephart’s “Mosquito.” The piece received a honorable mention and is a 3D mixed media. Other honorable mentions on display for the show are “January Shadows” by Yelena Khanevskaya of Scottsbluff, made from oil on canvas; “Barbed Wire & Wild Roses” by Pam Perry of Scottsbluff, with medium of burned, woodburned, sculpted and painted gourd. All awards were given by Sara Sharples, an artist and art historian who resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Tickets are on sale now, $40 for members and $60 for non-members. To purchase tickets, stop by WNAC or call 308-632-2226. There are 175 tickets available. The proceeds from the fundraiser go toward operating expenses for the arts center.

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