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Tower That Wouldn’t Yield to Dynamite is Felled by Bulldozer

June 28, 1989

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ The tower that more than 550 pounds of dynamite couldn’t bring down has fallen victim to a bulldozer and a steel cable.

The Hartford Park housing project that became known as The Leaning Tower of Providence after two demolition attempts was finally reduced to rubble Tuesday.

After chipping away at the 10-story concrete and steel building for five weeks with a wrecking ball, crews wrapped an inch-thick cable around an elevator shaft, attached it to a bulldozer and pulled it down.

″It’s the first time in three weeks the boss has had a smile on his face,″ said crane operator George Aslip.

Two attempts to demolish the building on May 21 drew hundreds of spectators and were televised live. The explosions succeeded only in knocking out the ground floor and causing two wings to lean slightly against each other.

Bilray Demolition Co. and the city housing authority issued T-shirts commemorating the event. The state Republican Party offered shirts of its own mocking the failure in this overwhelmingly Democratic city.

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