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Chicago Women’s Clinics Disrupted

June 25, 1992

CHICAGO (AP) _ Foul-smelling substances were used to disrupt activities Wednesday at five women’s medical clinics, authorities said.

The substances, which haven’t been identified, were discovered at three Planned Parenthood clinics, an abortion clinic and an abortion clinic that has yet to open, police and medical officials said.

At one Planned Parenthood office a substance was poured through a mail slot. A chemical was spread in front of the entrances to the two other clinics, said Sara Knaub, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood.

The strong odor caused two of the offices to close, Knaub said. The other doesn’t open on Wednesdays. None of the Planned Parenthood clinics performs abortions, she said.

At the abortion clinic, four employees complained of nausea but refused medical treatment, police Sgt. Joe Lenbino said.

Firefighters told police a substance squirted at the clinic was a non-toxic ″stink bomb″ that smelled of rotten eggs.

About six people were evacuated from a building under construction where an abortion clinic will be housed, police said.

Police reported no arrests.

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