KEXL Tower Upgrade near completion

November 25, 2018

From General Manager Jeffrey Steffen: Radio station KEXL (97.5 fm) has made great strides over the past ten days in our tower upgrade process. While it has taken us a bit longer than we had anticipated, we feel once the process is completed in a few days, our listeners and clients will agree the short wait will have been worth it.

The upgrade was near completion when we discovered the antenna system attached to the top of our 500 foot tower northeast of Pierce had taken on water over the pasts nine years. Rather than ignore it, we chose to deal with it now. “Pay me now, or pay me later” as the old Fram filter commercial used to say.

Our ownership is committed to honor and excellence. Weather permitting, we anticipate completion this week.

Blauvelt Tower is in the process of rebuilding and refurbishing the system, and are scheduled to return this week for re-installation. The result will be a signal that will completely blanket northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota.

If the weather cooperates, our hope is we will have the project completed by mid-week, (fingers crossed).

The stations main signal pattern will be greatly enhanced, and its reach will be better than it ever has. We believe the format is one of the best in the area. The content has something for everyone, reaching key demographics for any advertiser.

If all goes as planned, the coming week should be the realization of something that back in 2009 was just a dream.

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