63-year term issued in Lake Avenue slaying

September 28, 2018

Deedee Barnett shot Brian Lowe Jr. the day before Lowe’s daughter turned 11 years old.

Allen County Deputy Prosecutor Tasha Lee told Superior Court Judge Fran Gull that Barnett has eight misdemeanor convictions and one felony conviction, and had numerous brushes with the law as a juvenile.

He suffers from an emotional disability, Barnett’s attorney, Albert Anzini said, “but we’re not here to offer excuses.”

Gull sentenced Barnett Friday to 63 years in prison.

Barnett, 38, pleaded guilty last month to murder. Prosecutors dropped an enhancement of using a gun in the commission of the crime.

Lowe, 31, was sitting in a friend’s car in the 1000 block of Lake Avenue around 11:30 a.m. Oct. 25, 2017, when Barnett walked over to the vehicle and fired a shot through the passenger-side window. The driver was unharmed and sped away with his injured passenger. Lowe died two days later.

Barnett told police he shot a man to death because “he caused chaos in the neighborhood and yelled at people.”

“I’m truly sorry,” he said Friday when Gull asked him whether he had anything to say in his defense during a half-hour sentencing hearing. “I hope that someday you’ll forgive me.”

Lee on Friday played a recording of a frantic 911 call from the driver who drove Lowe away from the scene after the shooting. Police said the driver sped away in a panic and called police from a parking lot at East State Boulevard and Spy Run Avenue.

Detectives interviewed Barnett a few hours after the shooting. He said he and Lowe had “gotten into it” earlier that morning. He said he shot Lowe, but he didn’t know where he was hit, police said.

Barnett was given credit for 338 days spent in jail awaiting the outcome of the case. Gull ordered the gun used in the crime destroyed.


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