Mohave County Board of Supervisors keep tax rate levies same

August 7, 2018

In a rare moment of solidarity, all five Mohave County Supervisors were in lock step voting for the 2018-19 tax levies.

Because many Mohave County homes increased in value this past fiscal year, some property owners have experienced a rise in their taxes. Property owners will experience an increase of approximately $6.40 per $100,000 in valuation.

Critics from the audience at Monday’s meeting expressed their dissatisfaction with the increase. Supervisors responded that property taxes did not go up because the percentage levied stayed the same. The increase is based on a state formula that is tied to property values.

“This board has not raised … property taxes in six years,” said Supervisor Hildy Angius. “We are working hard to keep … taxes low and not raise them.”

Supervisor Buster Johnson said he voted in favor of the tax levies because one no vote was not going to change the outcome.

“The TV district and the library tax district has to be raised,” Johnson said. “Especially with the TV district, if we are going to keep the services we have now we are going to raise the tax next year. It should have been raised this year, but because of the mid-term primary election the rest of the board decided not to do it.”

Angius was adamant that the county didn’t raise taxes even though taxpayers will be paying more money due to valuation changes. Still, because of the anticipated increase in taxes paid by property owners, the state requires the county to post a truth in taxation notice.

“Our percentage was the same as it was last year,” she said. “Yes, we can start planning and thinking about the future. There’s a lot going on, but maybe since we’ve had two years of growth we can start talking about lowering the rate next year.”

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