Trump leaves bad impression mocking Kavanaugh accuser: Darcy cartoon

October 4, 2018

Trump leaves bad impression mocking Kavanaugh accuser: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The spell President Trump was put under to act presidential, when talking about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, wore off at a Southaven, Mississippi Trump midterm campaign rally when the president mocked the memory of Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.

Once again, Trump was his own worst enemy, walking all over the good reviews of his trade bill, and he may turnout to be Brett Kavanaugh’s worst enemy.

Kavanaugh’s fierce defiance at the hearing has led some to question the sitting Federal Judge’s temperament for the U.S. Supreme Court.  Those questions ignore not only Kavanaugh’s well regarded record as Judge, they ignore that Kavanaugh was speaking, in large part, to an audience of one --Trump.   Trump, who wanted to see a strong, defiant Kavanaugh, would be the one to determine if his nomination would be withdrawn.

Now Trump’s temperament risks sabotaging Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  At his Mississippi rally, Trump forgot he was really speaking to an audience of three, Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Jeff Flake, whose yes votes on Kavanaugh are teetering.   All three Senators expressed strong opposition to Trump’s mockery.

Fair questions can and have been raised about Dr. Ford’s testimony and the treatment of Kavanaugh, without needlessly mocking his accuser.

The White House is correct in pointing out that Kavanaugh’s testimony has been looked at with a more critical eye than Dr. Fords, even though Ford’s testimony also warrants it.

It is also fair to say Kavanaugh’s high school and college years are being given more weight than his post graduate professional years as a Bush administration staffer and sitting Federal Judge, which have been virtually ignored by his critics and biased media coverage.

Sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell’s memo on Dr Ford’s testimony demonstrated how questions can be raised about it, respectfully, without mockery.

Trump’s mocking impression of Dr. Ford mimicked his mocking impression of a disabled reporter.  

Maybe it was Trump’s attempt to distract from the New York Times report that Trump’s been impersonating a self-made man when in fact his father, Fred, used him as a tax shelter, and both are tax frauds.

Trump should go back to impersonating a respectable president who negotiates decent trade deals and treats women and trauma victims with decency.

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