WASHINGTON (AP) _ Here is the breakdown of results in the 1986 survey of 7,541 cars by the Environmental Protection Agency for compliance with anti-pollution measures.

The first column gives the percentage of cars whose pollution control equipment had been tampered with. Cars in this column could have been able to use leaded or unleaded gasoline or could have been required to use only unleaded fuel.

The second column shows the percentage of cars required to use unleaded fuel that showed evidence of having used leaded gasoline.

The third column shows the percentage of cars required to use unleaded fuel showing evidence of either equipment tampering or use of leaded fuel.

Cities marked ''X'' have no pollution inspection program. The other cities either analyze exhaust gases, check for the presence of all pollution control equipment, or both.

An average of 503 cars were tested in each area. For a sample that size, the result is likely to be within about 4 percentage points of the result that would be obtained if all cars could be tested. City Tamp Swit Eith St. Louis 15 4 16 E.St.Louis,Ill-X 23 8 23 Jacksnvlle,Fla-X 21 9 22 Orlando, Fla.-X 26 15 27 Houston, Texas 24 9 25 Memphis, Tenn. 21 14 22 Pittsburgh 12 4 13 Richmond 14 5 15 Hartford, Conn. 13 5 14 Camden, N.J. 19 6 19 Covington, Ky.-X 24 15 25 Seattle, Wash. 18 4 16 Los Angeles 15 6 16 Tucson, Ariz. 25 10 26 Baton Rouge, La. 23 10 25