The lessons from two years of Trump -- Dave Wester

January 21, 2019

After two years of rule, here’s what we’ve learned from Republicans who support President Donald Trump.

Hypocrisy works. Profess Christian values, but worship a president who disdains them. Profess fiscal conservatism, but pass budgets that significantly increase the national debt. Tell people you are intelligent to counter your absurd comments about climate change and Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan.

Mexicans who would pay for the wall are actually disguised as American taxpayers.

Lying is OK to get on the U.S. Supreme Court. Egregious lies, crimes, vulgarity, immorality and traitorous activities are acceptable if you increase the fortunes of the wealthy. Money is everything. Laws, morals, ethics and loyalty to country are irrelevant.

Dismiss your faults, but express righteous indignation when those faults are found in others. President Trump dismissed his vulgar comment about grabbing women indecently as locker-room banter. When a congresswoman referred to him in vulgar terms, however, he said she disrespected the country.

Trump’s sexist comments and actions toward women helped motivate a record number of determined women to get elected to Congress in 2018. Some want to impeach him.

Trump thought he was grabbing women by the crotch. He is about to learn that he grabbed a tiger by the tail.

Dave Wester, Baraboo

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