Baum: Provo’s monopoly on parking

September 15, 2018

Baum: Provo’s monopoly on parking

If there was a Provo version of the game Monopoly, every player would need to pay a fine on every square landed on for parking.

Parking in Provo is increasingly becoming a larger problem for residents in Provo, especially college students. An increasing percentage of college students are bringing cars to school and it seems as though Provo’s laws on parking are becoming harsher and harsher.

There are way too many permits that Provo requires people to have. Every apartment approved by BYU has a specific permit required to park in the lot. When people visit friends or family they have to find a spot to park on the street, which normally fill up incredibly fast. People either have to find a place to park blocks away from the place they are visiting or they risk being booted or ticketed. Each lot on BYU’s campus has a different permit that you need in order to park there. Apartment complexes and the university sell more permits than spots available as well. So, owning a permit does not guarantee you a spot.

Every night, tow trucks check each lot for evil college kids who do not have the specified parking privilege for that lot. They ticket, boot and tow away the cars of everyone breaking the rules. Predatory towing and ticketing is a real problem in Provo. The fines are outrageous and it is impossible for students to adhere to the ridiculously rigorous parking laws placed upon them.

— Riley Baum, Provo

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