Money up, attendance down at horse track

August 7, 2018

Despite attendance lower than in the past this last opening weekend, the handle (total amount of money bet) is up at the local Ag Park horse track through one weekend.

The horse racing season kicked off on Friday with nine races. The track was also open on Saturday night with an additional eight races. According to Dan Clarey, who is a member of Columbus Exposition and Racing, which is the organization in charge of running the horse races, there were multiple factors that led to the handle being up from last year. Clarey said through two races, the handle was up about 10 percent from last year.

Not everything was perfect at the track, though, for the CER (Columbus Exposition and Racing). Despite the handle being higher than last year, attendance was down. More specifically, Clarey said attendance was down 10 percent over the first two nights this year compared to 2017.

“We’re hoping next weekend is better,” Clarey said. “Typically opening night is our biggest night of the year; we’re not sure if there was something else going on, or if it just didn’t work out in other people’s schedule.”

Jacob Olesiak, who is a jockey and has been for the last 11 years, appreciated the good track conditions.

“It’s always fun,” Olesiak said. “I like Columbus, it’s a fun town. I ride for a lot of the guys around Nebraska, so it’s just fun to see everybody and be back in the saddle again. ... There’s always fun things to do at the track.”

Results for the two nights are as follows.

Friday, Aug 3:

Race 1:

First – Silver Planet

Second – Diesel’s Prize

Third - Tripmesiter

Fourth – Razorback Red

Fifth – Chazishis

Sixth – So Contagious

Race 2:

First – Kenhedoit

Second – Quickley Cat

Third – R Pepi Le Voo

Fourth – High Card Hannon

Fifth – Eltacoguapo

Sixth – Bluff’s Back

Seventh – Tiz a Magic Man

Race 3:

First – Twenty Bucks

Second – C O Virgil

Third – Makin My Own Rules

Fourth – Reign On

Fifth – Imabushwacker

Sixth – Carbaugh

Seventh – Harbor Bill

Race 4:

First – Intoxicating Kiss

Second – Elusive Dream

Third – C O Barnrat

Fourth – Mizzencat

Fifth – Naughty Love

Sixth – Thisone’sforjimmy

Seventh – Mean Lil Princess

Race 5:

First - C O Lifflejoe

Second – Mr Fast Dixie Gold

Third – Kalebs Mine

Fourth – Grass and Cactus

Fifth – Dazzel Man

Sixth – Ain’t My Fault

Seventh – Jonesboro Boy

Eighth – P R Trumps Gold

Race 6:

First – Awesome Ave

Second – Turkish Wonder

Third – Hold the Crown

Fourth – Classy Affair

Fifth – Holly Tsu Tsu

Sixth – Dazzling Lion

Seventh – Lets Tango

Race 7:

First – Taima Thunder

Second – Mongol Call

Third – Emerald Point

Fourth – Follow the Spiders

Fifth – Allthatandzensome

Sixth – Follow the Lady

Race 8:

First – Magic Miracle

Second – Super Charlie

Third – Break Free

Fourth – Too Much Gone

Fifth – Fantastic Warrior

Sixth – Tell a Friend

Seventh – I’m Lucky

Eighth – Doublec’stwopunch

Race 9:

First – Saturday

Second – Approximator

Third – He’s a Rockstar

Fourth – Rain Ray

Fifth – Mac Attack

Sixth – Fire Game

Seventh – Out of Mischief

Eighth – Zooha’s Last Baby

Ninth – Tuff Luck Tony

Saturday, Aug 5:

Race 1:

First – Bittersweet

Second – Heademoffatthepass

Third – I’m Not a Red Head

Fourth – Flew Da Coop

Fifth – Takeagambleonme

Sixth – Paula With a P

Race 2:

First – Alamo City

Second – Willowy Danseur

Third – Pilatus

Fourth – Necessary Party

Fifth – Blumin Irish

Race 3:

First – Reign of Terror

Second – Ice Box Raider

Third – Robin’s Landing

Fourth – Icalledyoubename

Fifth – Mingo Bullet

Sixth – Spirit of Summer

Seventh – Argentum Gal

Race 4:

First – Wild Delilah

Second – Triple Trouble

Third – Sandraux

Fourth – Point and Fire

Fifth – Husker Ridge

Sixth – Hannahslittleangle

Seventh – Elite Rose

Race 5:

First – Santorini Sky

Second – Beluga Bob

Third – Lively’s Last Ride

Fourth- Sweet Tigger

Fifth – Battle Hardened

Sixth – Significat

Seventh – Warren’s Dr. Boo

Eighth – Redneck Richie

Race 6:

First – Reverend Same

Second – Might Oaks Magic

Third – Bar Trick

Fourth – Bold Raider

Fifth – A Cowboy’s Fight

Sixth – It’sthedutchman

Seventh – El Gonzo

Race 7:

First – Phantom Zip

Second – Frosted Jewel

Third – Dunkirks Song

Fourth – Rickey Lee

Fifth – Flash for the Cash

Sixth – P R Cash King

Seventh – Quite Storm

Eighth – Trevor’s Forever

Race 8:

First – Chalk Line

Second – Active Merry

Third – River Quest

Fourth – Gogetmugs

Fifth- Tiz My Black Dress

Sixth – P R Gold Money

Seventh – Hold Fast Kat

Eighth – Bee Merry

Ninth – Sparkles

Peter Huguenin is a sports reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at peter.huguenin@lee.net

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