‘Tough situation:’ Cooper tours damage in Robeson, Cumberland counties

September 21, 2018

Gov. Roy Cooper got an aerial view of the destruction from Hurricane Florence on Thursday during a flight to Robeson and Cumberland counties.

The look of disbelief on Cooper’s face as the black hawk helicopter he was riding in passed over floodwaters told the story of Hurricane Florence’s devastation.

“To see house after house, road after road, business after business, church after church under water is a sobering thing,” he said. “Knowing that each and every one of the submerged structures affected people’s lives.”

The governor got to see those lives up close when the team landed in Lumberton to visit those affected by the storm. Cooper, joined by representatives from FEMA, stopped at shelters to get a close-up look at some of the worst hit areas in the city.

“When you talk to people who didn’t have a whole lot to start with and you find out because of this flood they don’t have anything, that’s a tough situation,” Cooper said.

The next stop took Cooper to Fayetteville, where he landed at Pine Forest High School, bringing some joy to a group of people who have had a tough week.

“It’s cool to meet him in person,” said Pine Forest High School student Aden Clymer. “I even got to shake his hand and introduce him to some of our awesome staff at the shelter.”

First responders greeted the governor at a fire station.

“The people of North Carolina are so grateful, the people of Fayetteville and surrounding Cumberland County are so grateful,” Cooper said.

Gratitude was a message Cooper tried to convey to everyone he spoke with Thursday, letting those effected know that they are not alone.

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