Douglas County Sheriff’s Office warns of telephone scam

December 15, 2018

The holiday season is no time to let your guard down.

Brad O’Dell, a spokesman for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, said his office has received several reports of scammers calling local residents and pretending to be deputies.

Some of the scammers are even using the actual names of people who work at the sheriff’s office, O’Dell said.

The scam typically follows a basic narrative: Once the scammer has someone on the phone, the scammer identifies themselves as working for a local police department and says the unsuspecting person has missed jury duty, failed to pay a fine, or has a warrant for their arrest.

But getting out of hot water is easy, the scammer says, so long as the unsuspecting victim pays a fee using a Western Union pre-loaded debit card.

But it’s all a lie, O’Dell said. Law enforcement will not call people to let them know they have a warrant and they definitely won’t ask for a pre-loaded gift card. Instead, they’ll likely show up on your doorstep.

“It is critically important for our community to be aware of these tactics and to share them with their friends and family members,” O’Dell said in a press release. “Especially those who may be vulnerable to falling victim to the scams, such as elderly members of the community.”

If, however, you believe you’ve fallen victim to a scam, O’Dell said to call the sheriff’s office at 541-440-4471.

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