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Boeing Wins Two Navy Contracts

November 9, 1999

SEATTLE (AP) _ Boeing has won two Navy contracts for undersea warfare equipment, the company announced Monday.

Boeing received a four-year, $82 million contract to develop the Long-term Mine Reconnaissance System, an unmanned, underwater surveillance vehicle that would give the Navy a clandestine way to determine if mines have been laid in a dangerous area.

The work will be done by Boeing employees in Anaheim, Calif. They are to develop six initial systems, which will be deployed on attack submarines starting in 2004.

Currently, the Navy has to use helicopters or ships to locate mines, exposing the aircraft or vessels to enemy detection. The underwater vehicles built for the new system will be able to leave a submarine, travel to a threat area, search it and report back to the sub via satellite every 12 hours for several days.

Boeing was chosen over Northrop Grumman, the developer of the Navy’s first undersea mine location system, which relied on fiber optic cables to transmit information back to the submarine.

Boeing also was awarded a $1.6 million contract to design satellite communications phased-array antennas for Navy submarines. The work will be performed by Boeing’s Phantom Works, its advanced research and development unit.

The company said the flat antenna will be able to handle high data rate communications, while being small enough to be mounted on a submarine mast and present a minimal target for radar.

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