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Internet Helps Man Locate Father

August 9, 1998

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) _ Ever since his parents divorced when he was a toddler in 1955, Pat Carre’s mother told him his father was dead.

But six months ago, Carre did an Internet search for his father’s name. He found six matches, one with an address in the French town where Carre was born.

He sent a letter and birth certificate to the man, who wrote back: ``You have found your dad.″

``I was just goofing around on the computer, looking for roots,″ Carre, 45, said. ``I hoped my dad was alive, but as far as I knew my father was dead.″

On Tuesday, Carre plans to travel to Paris to reunite with his father, Raymond Carre, and to meet a sister and nieces he never knew existed.

``The first thing I’m going to do is hug my dad because I never thought I could do it,″ he said.

Carre moved to the United States at age 14 when his mother married an American. He declined to identify his mother, saying he did not want to cause her grief.

The revelation, Carre acknowledged, made him angry with his mother but elated with the prospect of meeting his father.

``It’s been wonderful from day one,″ said Carre, who owns a Santa Rosa carpet cleaning business. ``But I still get the jitters. One day I’m all pumped up, then I’m nervous and I’m asking myself, `What is going on?‴

Carre and his wife are hoping to take their three teen-age daughters to France in April to meet their relatives.

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