Machine Gun Kelly says he ‘absolutely’ hooked up with Halsey

September 20, 2018

Machine Gun Kelly says he ‘absolutely’ hooked up with Halsey

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Machine Gun Kelly continues to face his feud with Eminem head on.

The Cleveland rapper visited popular New York City radio show “The Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1 FM Thursday morning and fielded questions about his ongoing beef with Slim Shady.

The interview started at the very beginning, in 2012, when MGK tweeted out a comment that Eminem’s daughter (who was 16 at the time) was “hot as f***.”

“Look, I’m a father. I didn’t know how old she was,” Machine Gun Kelly told The Breakfast Club. “All the headline said was this person we had only known through records was all grown up. I’m a father. I get it. Man to man, I apologized. I took the tweet down...We’re talking about the same guy who s**** on dead people, Christopher Reeves in a wheelchair. It’s a silly comment to start all of this.”

The talk then shifted to how the tweet has impacted MGK’s career, specifically because he and Eminem are on the same record label. Kellz reiterated that he was banned from Eminem’s Sirius XM radio station Shade 45.

“Eminem is Interscope. Machine Gun Kelly is Interscope,” the 28 year-old emcee said. “I have my loyalists and he has his loyalists...The problem comes when people who are assigned to work for me aren’t working and they’re picking sides.”

MGK, who admitted he was sipping tequila during the interview (which began at 7 a.m.), then responded to the idea that the feud with Eminem has made his career.

“I’ve sold over 20 million records right now as me,” MGK proclaimed. “I’ve been in 10 movies. It’s very hard for me to accept that this career just budded out of nowhere via him...I’ve had a No.1 pop song on the radio. These are real facts.”

Machine Gun Kelly, who released his Eminem diss track “Rap Devil,” went on to insist that Eminem’s response “Killshot” was just a “leg shot.”

“We’re talking about facts,” MGK said. “You want to talk about a man bun. You want to talk about a hairstyle I wore for a movie? I’m a rapper, how disconnected are you? You call me a mumble rapper? Come on.”

Machine Gun Kelly will drop his latest EP, “Binge,” tomorrow, which could add more fuel to the fire of this beef that has benefitted both rappers. “Rap Devil” soared to No.1 on the iTunes chart, while “Killshot” set records on YouTube.

“I had something ready. I heard [“Killshot”] and I put it back in the holster,” MGK said about a potential new diss record. The legend just got punched in the mouth. Everyone wants to tune in. Everyone wants to see Rocky’s last movie.”

MGK’s interview on “The Breakfast Club” wasn’t limited to Eminem. He also addressed his feud with rapper G-Eazy. The two were supposedly beefing over their interactions with pop star Halsey.

Machine Gun Kelly didn’t pull any punches when he was asked if he had sex with Halsey, G-Eazy’s girlfriend.

“Absolutely,” MGK boldly stated. “But that’s back when we were rocking.”

So there’s that.

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