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Gore Shies From Rolling Stone Cover

November 1, 2000

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) _ Candidate Al Gore, in suit and tie Tuesday night, confronted the Rolling Stone cover model Al Gore in tight pants.

``Thank you for the million laughs,″ Jay Leno cracked as he held the magazine up for cameras, noting scuttlebutt that the cover photo of Gore in khaki pants ``had to be airbrushed because it was too sexy.″

Gore, shrugging with an embarrassed smile, paused and seemed to grapple for an appropriate response. ``Jay, I think people buy that magazine for the articles. ... Can we move right along?″

Earlier, on the women’s cable channel, Lifetime, Gore and wife Tipper tried to explain all the kissing they’ve done lately on campaign stages. ``Well, we want people to try it at home,″ Mrs. Gore said with a laugh.

The Democratic presidential nominee appeared on NBC’s ``The Tonight Show with Jay Leno″ during a six-hour stop in California, a state he thought he had locked up. Republican George W. Bush, a guest on the show Monday night, is hotly contesting this traditionally Democratic state and some polls show Gore’s lead here may have narrowed.

Gore won a warm, nationally televised embrace from Leno, who is a contributor to Democrats. And Gore shared Leno’s soundstage with actor Martin Sheen, who is stumping for Gore in battleground states with a Hollywood group led by director Rob Reiner and including actors Alfre Woodard and Whoopi Goldberg.

Backstage, Sheen slid into his ``The West Wing″ TV character, U.S. President Josiah Bartlett, and officially declared Election Day ``Al Gore Day″ in California.

Asked what effect Green Party candidate Ralph Nader has had on Gore’s support, Sheen told reporters that the Greens had asked him to head a Sheen-Nader presidential ticket. His publicist said later that Sheen was not joking.

Gore, shown photographs of himself in Halloween costume, explained how one year, he took an important national-security call dressed as Frankenstein.

He deadpanned that should something similar happen to a President Gore, he would not hesitate to address the nation costumed as a monster. ``It might help if it was, like, a warning to Saddam Hussein or something. It might really resolve that.″

Leno also showed his studio audience spoof footage of what he said was Bush’s limousine. It bore a bumper sticker that read, ``How’s my executing? Call 555-1010.″

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