William Pike: Presumption of innocence?

September 25, 2018


Whatever happened to the “presumption of innocence,” which is a mainstay of our constitutional right and facing our accusers in a court of law? It is confusing to see in the news conflicting reports of how and or when or where a predatory crime occurred. Example: I heard on CNN that Christine Blasey Ford, as a young woman, was assaulted at a pool party while in her bathing suit, then later that it occurred in a closed room in a house with their clothes on. Unknown where it happened or were there any witnesses, and also that she did not report said assault to anyone, not even her best friends. And I know for sure that all women talk among themselves about even trivial incidents that happen in their lives. I also question the veracity of Sen. Dianne Feinstein withholding a letter until the last week and then making demands through Christine Ford contrary to all judicial and legal protocols, changing the dates of testimony, and order of testimony, the accused testifies last to defend self against any accusations. This whole incident stinks of lying and perjury to destroy a good person, in order to stop a political appointment.

William Pike

Lake Havasu City

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