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October 24, 1985

BERLIN (AP) _ British pop singer Shirley Bassey left the stage in tears after losing her voice during a concert in West Berlin, and is undergoing treatment, a spokesman for her concert agency said Thursday.

Ms. Bassey hopes to continue a European tour with a show Friday night in Vienna, Austria, spokesman Klaus Roessler said.

The 48-year-old singer lost her voice after singing three songs at a sold- out concert in Berlin Tuesday evening. She came back an hour later but left the stage crying when her second attempt to continue the performance failed.


NEW YORK (AP) - To say that George C. Scott is not a fan of MTV or rock music is a bit of an understatement.

″MTV is shabby and phony and bizarre. It’s not thought out; it’s aggressive and anti-human. On top of all that, it’s boring,″ the 58-year-old actor says in an interview published in the upcoming edition of Parade magazine.

″As for rock music, it’s been a detriment to society from the day it was born. I didn’t even like the Beatles. I thought they were little jerks then, and I think they’re jerks now.″

He feels the same way about acting awards and the pressure that actors feel at awards shows.

″It’s offensive, it’s barbarous and it’s innately corrupt. It simply shouldn’t be done,″ said Scott, who turned down an Oscar for his performance in the film ″Patton.″


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A development company represented by newsman Walter Cronkite has asked permission to add amusement rides, shops and a park to the downtown site of the 1982 World’s Fair.

Riverfront Development Corp. is also proposing the construction of townhouses and a marina on the waterfront to the south, said Cronkite’s partner, architect Robert Moon.

The proposal is still being fleshed out, Cronkite and Moon said Tuesday in a meeting with members of the city council and Knoxville Tomorrow Inc., the citizens group appointed to study proposals for the site.

″It’s not an overnight, magic wonderland kind of development,″ Cronkite said.

Two other companies also have shown interest in the area.

Cronkite, 68, is the former anchorman of the CBS Evening News and remains a special correspondent for the network.


NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Singer Peggy Lee was feeling better and walking around Thursday, two days after surgery for an infection that came after open-heart surgery earlier this month, a hospital spokeswoman said.

″Her doctor says she’s definitely better. She’s walking around again. She has no fever. And of course less discomfort than she did yesterday,″ said Sue Stewart of Touro Infirmary.

Tuesday’s surgery was to drain the incision from the double-bypass operation Oct. 8, Ms. Stewart said.

The 65-year-old singer had hoped to be released from the hospital this week, but will have to spend at least two more weeks there because of the new surgery, Ms. Stewart said.

The spokeswoman has said the infection did not involve Miss Lee’s heart, and that the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter’s cardiac function remained good.

Miss Lee entered Touro after chest pains forced her to cancel the closing performances of an engagement at a New Orleans hotel.


NEW YORK (AP) - When Oregon attorney Ronald K. Ragen showed up at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, they treated him just like the president.

Ragen is spending his vacation with his family at the hotel next to the Waldorf Towers, which President Ronald Reagan checked into before his speech Thursday at the United Nations and meetings with foreign leaders.

When the lawyer from Portland showed up, the hotel staff mistakenly sent him up to Reagan’s Presidential Suite in the towers, Ragen said.

″They ushered us back quickly,″ he said.

However, the hotel switchboard has apparently not caught on to the difference between Ragen and Reagan, and the attorney’s phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from people with foreign accents. He has had to turn down an offer of gifts from Sri Lanka and a request for a meeting from a French businessman.

″They wanted the other guy,″ Ragen said. ″It happens all the time.″

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