Lamont could have done better job hiring budget chief

February 6, 2019

A recent “Thumbs Up” went to Gov. Lamont for assembling some business colleagues as volunteer “advisers” to help boost Connecticut’s long stagnant economy. But no attention was given to the selection of Hartford’s Budget Chief for State Budget Director lacking the usual certifications and experience for a small public firm. Given the dimensions of our state’s fiscal problems, why not use a professional search to secure recognized Top Talent for the crucial budget chief position.

Similarly, the absence of hiring a major league business development staff is puzzling. States that take business development seriously typically appoint major league development professionals with strong track records, not asking some business colleagues for assistance.

On the whole, Gov. Lamont seems uncertain how to proceed with our state’s daunting economic and fiscal problems that would challenge the very best talent available.

Peter I. Berman


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