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Woman Arrested in Ritualistic Slaying of 4-Year-Old Son

July 26, 1993

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) _ A woman who said her son had a dragon inside him was arrested after the 4- year-old boy drowned in what police described as a ritualistic killing.

Found dead in the back of a pickup truck parked near a creek, Adam Shook clutched two teddy bears and was surrounded by family memorabilia, officers said.

The child’s mother, Elaine Shook, 37, was taken to the psychiatric unit of Memorial Medical Center Sunday night after telling a fisherman that she killed her son. No charges immediately were filed.

Makeshift altars were found near the truck and Shook began quoting scripture when officers found her nearby, sid Lt. Mike Lowrence of the Nueces County Sheriff’s Department.

″She spoke of dragons and cited a lot of religious Scripture,″ Lowrance said. ″At one point, she said the dragon was inside of him.″

The boy’s body was wrapped in a sheet in the back of the pickup truck. A New World translation of the Bible and a family picture had been placed next to him, Lowrance said.

″It looked like a ritualistic sort of thing,″ Nueces County Medical Examiner Lloyd White said. ″All these little piles of objects had been stacked up in the sand and so forth.″

A man who arrived at the creek shortly after 5 a.m. Sunday told investigators that a woman approached him and said, ″I’ve just killed my son,″ police said.

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