Large-scale growth will bring expenses to taxpayers

January 23, 2019

What is going on with the Danbury school system as they eye a $7.3 million budget hike this year? This is a serious burden for all Danbury taxpayers that should be shifted onto those responsible, such as the developers that are cashing in on their projects at the expense of the local residents.

We need to find a way right now to put the brakes on this problem before it hemorrhages out of control. We need to stop the excessive residential growth in the area don’t we have enough now? Danbury is one of the few growing areas of the state of Connecticut, but we’re at a serious tipping point.

Think about it, do we really want to be like a New Haven or Bridgeport in the near future? It’s coming, if we continue to do nothing to address the burgeoning school population and budget.

I suggest placing a large add-on fee structure upon all residential development requests, one large enough to push away the majority of them. As our sewer system upgrade continues, we must not allow for a large-scale capacity growth in the system because it will only degrade our area with extra developmental pressure and extra expenses to existing taxpayers.

We need to be responsible for our own actions at our own level because the state does not have the resources anymore to cover this kind of thoughtless growth.

Gary Sivacek


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