Plow crews prepare for slush during warm weekend

February 2, 2019

As temperatures are expected to rise today and throughout this weekend, authorities say plow trucks will keep clearing roads of snow, and that drivers should continue to exercise caution.

Weather reports predict a high on Saturday of 35 degrees, with a high of 40 and rain projected for Sunday. Those warmer temperatures and rain will likely turn snow into slush, which can freeze into ice.

“We expect that it’s going to be a lot of ice when the rain comes, even if it’s warmer,” said Mary Samuels, Mason County Road Commission managing director. “We’d like to get out and scrape that hard pack off the roads. We’d definitely like to get that snow off the road because once (the rain) hits, it’s going to be a lot of ice.”

Samuels advised drivers to go at speeds appropriate for the slushy and icy road conditions, and to be considerate when passing other vehicles because snow flying off one’s car can blind other drivers. Poor visibility is a real danger, she said.

“Everyone needs to slow down. Definitely pay attention. We’re expecting it to be very messy and slippery,” she said. “This weather has been unreal.”

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