Kings Island removing Firehawk roller coaster, a Geauga Lake hand-me-down

September 27, 2018

Kings Island removing Firehawk roller coaster, a Geauga Lake hand-me-down

MASON, Ohio – Kings Island announced this morning that it will remove one of its 16 roller coasters, Firehawk, a hand-me-down from long-shuttered Geauga Lake.

Officials have not said what would replace it, though fans online are hoping for a new coaster.

Firehawk was known as X-Flight at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, the park in Aurora that Cedar Fair bought in 2004 and renamed Geauga Lake (and then closed three years later).

Cedar Fair moved the ride to Kings Island in early 2007, and renamed it Firehawk. It’s known as a flying coaster, designed to give riders the sensation of flying, with cars suspended below the track and riders facing downward.

Kings Island has generated much speculation in recent days, after announcing early this week that it planned to close one of its coasters. It held a mock funeral at the park this morning, where it revealed that Firehawk would face its final riders next month.

The fate of one of Kings Island’s 16 roller coasters will be revealed this morning at 10 a.m. #RestInPiecesKI #ItsBigItsGone #RIP2018KI pic.twitter.com/X08oZfQydZ— Kings Island (@KingsIslandPR) September 27, 2018


Firehawk is located in the park’s Coney Mall area, near the former Dinosaurs Alive! attraction, which was removed last year.

The soon-to-be vacant space at Kings Island will make a prime spot for a new coaster, according to park fans.

“This has nothing to do with popularity,” wrote one fan on Kings Island’s Facebook page. “This has to do with the fact that they are looking at putting in a HUGE coaster to compete with other amusement parks. It’s KI’s time for one.”

Fans of Firehawk have until Oct. 28 to get their last rides in. Information: visitkingsisland.com.

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