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Three Zoo Monkeys Escape Habitat

July 24, 1987

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ For the second straight year, a group of monkeys from the Pittsburgh Zoo has taken it on the lam, but zoo officials say there’s no reason to worry.

If the three monkeys ″are not hassled, they will return on their own,″ said zoo Director Charles Wikenhauser.

″One has an infant (in the zoo). One is a male troop leader, and he’ll want to be back to charge. And the other is young and a follower,″ he said.

The Japanese macaques are harmless unless cornered, Wikenhauser said.

One of the monkeys was being given a physical examination Thursday when the animals became frightened and climbed out of the monkey island exhibit.

Last July 8, five Japanese macaques escaped by climbing a tree that fell into the exhibit’s moat during a thunderstorm.

Four of those animals returned on their own and the fifth is presumed dead, Wikenhauser said.

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