The Past 100 Years, Aug. 5, 2018

August 6, 2018

Aug. 5, 1918: Rio Arriba Boy Appreciates Sacrifice Of The Home Folks

Thomas Rivera In Letter To Teachers Urges Need Of Continued Effort To Back Up The Fighters At The Front

Aug. 5, 1968: A Santa Fe attorney Sunday night said U.S. draft laws are broader than ever, but still lack “viable alternatives” or extensions for people who oppose the Vietnam war.

“The Selective Service Law,” said the speaker, Thomas A. Donnelly, “very often is some distance apart from what the morality of some individuals compels them to believe.”

Aug. 5, 1993: A leader of a local police organization on Wednesday defended his group’s recent “thin blue line” ribbon campaign, which has been criticized as divisive by a spokeswoman for the family of a man killed recently be police.

The comments were made by Detective Greg Solano at a forum sponsored by the Police Officers Association (POA) on the use of force by officers.

… The distribution of the blue ribbons came after friends and relatives of Francisco “Pancho” Ortega and critics of the Police Department wore red ribbons to protest Ortega’s killing.

In a letter to Solano, Gloria Mendoza, who has served as a spokeswoman for the Ortega family, said, “What the POA has done is make the issue a ‘blue and red ribbon’ campaign. In other words, a choice is being given to the community, police vs. community. This is very provocative and may only lead to more division in this community.”

Solano said at the forum, “This was not intended to divide the community or to affect the politics.”

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