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NEW YORK (AP) _ Mark Burnett has no qualms about the prominent product placement that proliferates his reality TV show ``Survivor.''

```Survivor' is as much a marketing vehicle as it is a television show,'' the 41-year-old producer said in an interview for the July issue of Esquire magazine. ``My shows create an interest and people will look at them, but the endgame here is selling products in stores _ a car, deodorant, running shoes. It's the future of television.''

During the show's second season, ``Survivor: The Australian Outback,'' players competed for rewards such as a Pontiac Aztek, Doritos, Bud Lights and an online shopping spree courtesy of Visa.

But Burnett also said ``Survivor'' is based on real life.

``We've all met people like this,'' he said. ``We've all experienced workplace politics. We've all dealt with these situations _ people befriending you, people stabbing you in the back. It's duplicity and hardball. It's serious emotions. We can identify.''