Nebraska workers more interested in being part of a team than perks

December 16, 2018

OMAHA - Many companies in Nebraska take extra steps to insure their employees have a good working environment.

Some have installed in-house gyms, meals and other incentives. Business and Career Coach Tracy Timm says today’s workforce is changing and employees don’t care as much about those things as being part of the team.

Timm says, “We need to start motivating the person as opposed to incentivizing the position. That means making a more efforts to engage and retain employees more personal rather than centered around perks.”

Timm says it is important to employees to know their bosses are looking out for them and not just the bottom line of the company. Employees want to feel like they are valuable contributors to the company and team and want to know how their work impacts a company’s objective.

Timm says, “Nobody comes to work for the employer. They work for themselves. The work to make money, support whatever lifestyle they have or take care of whatever responsibilities they have. If leaders can tap into that, why you come to work, where do you spend your money, what is important to you and use that as motivation to get them excited about the work that they do.”

Timm says that can also be used to identify work they would like to be doing better. Using those tools can help engage the workforce and get workers excited about going to their job every day. This may sound like a throwback but people are more interested in being part of the big picture.

Timm says that motivation can stop the revolving door that many companies are seeing today.

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