Edgewood stadium will benefit all -- Amie Dragoo

January 6, 2019

I am in favor of the Goodman Stadium renovations at Edgewood High School.

I am impressed with the thoroughness of the plan in addressing the concerns of the community. I am pleased to see also that the stadium benefits many groups including the co-op team of lacrosse, Madison 56ers, Madison Area Youth Soccer Association, West High School, Madison Area Independent Sports League teams and UW-Madison teams.

For high school students, the benefits in having access to this field without significant travel are immeasurable -- it improves the safety for young and many new drivers.

I have seen how great it can be when a community comes together for a plan. Our family lives directly across from the Westmorland ice rink. When we first moved in, there was sporadic skating. Now, every winter, based on neighborhood-led efforts and as weather permits, we hear the puck hitting the boards every night of the week. Lights are on daily until 10 p.m. to accommodate neighbors spraying water for the next day’s skating.

Though we don’t take advantage of the skating much these days, I am happy to support my neighbors. In a similar way, support for the Goodman stadium is a give-back to the community and all who benefit from its use.

Amie Dragoo, Madison

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