WVC GIRLS SOCCER ROUNDUP: Wesp Wins It For Pittston Area

September 21, 2018

WVC GIRLS SOCCER ROUNDUP: Wesp Wins It For Pittston Area

At Pittston Area, Katelyn Wesp scored the game-winning goal in the 64th minute of the Patriots’ 3-2 win against Valley West in WVC girls soccer Thursday.

Mia Snyder scored a goal and assisted the scores by Wesp and Kayleigh Walker. Kennadi Josefowicz and Annabelle Wojciechowski scored for Valley West.

Pittston Area goalkeeper Caroline Wesp made nine saves in the win.

FIRST HALF: Kayleigh Walker (PA) from Mia Snyder, 1:46; Kennadi Josefowicz (VW) from Maggie Rittenhouse, 39:29. SECOND HALF: Annabelle Wojciechowski (VW) from Kylee Laudenslager, 41:29; Snyder (PA) from Brynne McGoff, 43:35; Katelyn Wesp (PA) from Snyder, 64:00.

Shots: PA 17, VW 13. Corners: PA 2, VW 0. Saves: PA (Caroline Wesp) 9, VW (Emma Grimes) 10.


Dallas 7, Nanticoke Area 0

At Dallas, Olivia Delevan scored three goals and Ali Francis added two more, leading the Mountaineers.

Christina Schappert and Emma Sweitzer each recorded a goal and an assist.

FIRST HALF: Christina Schappert (Dal) from Megan MacNeely, 22:54; Olivia Delevan (Dal) from Kristen O’Malley, 7:39; Delevan (Dal) from Emma Sweitzer, 5:31. SECOND HALF: Sweitzer (Dal) from MacNeely, 36:24; Ali Francis (Dal) from Haley Habrack, 25:11; Francis (Dal) from Schappert, 20:18; Delevan (Dal) from Olivia Maniskas, 13:14.

Shots: Dal 48, Nan 3. Corners: Dal 2, Nan 0. Saves: Dal (Sarah Krokos) 3, Nan (Kaleigh Moran) 20.


Crestwood 6, Tunkhannock 1

At Crestwood, Melissa Herrera scored five goals and Hannah Kresge added another score, as the Comets recorded 39 shots on goal in a win.

FIRST HALF: Melissa Herrera (Cre) unassisted; Hannah Kresge (Cre) unassisted. SECOND HALF: Herrera (Cre) unassisted; Herrera (Cre) unassisted; Herrera (Cre) unassisted; Herrera (Cre) unassisted; Elizabeth DeMarco (Tunk) unassisted.

Shots: Cre 39, Tunk 3. Corners: Cre 7, Tunk 0. Saves: Cre 1, Tunk 13.


Coughlin 8, Hazleton Area 3

At Coughlin, Esa Mendola tallied three goals with two assists in the Crusaders’ high-scoring victory.

Krystal Haertter scored a hat trick, as well, netting three goals. Allyse Filipowich had two goals, while Aby Davis had three assists.

FIRST HALF: Krystal Haertter (Cou) from Aby Davis, 2:59; Esa Mendola (Cou) from Dani McGrane, 14:13; Haertter (Cou) from Davis, 20:25; Mendola (Cou) from Reina Prado, 32:15. SECOND HALF: Mendola (Cou) from Davis, 40:22; Allyse Filipowich (Cou) from Mendola, 44:02; Josie Middleton (Haz) from Jade Sency, 44:24; Filipowich (Cou) from Mendola, 45:58; Haertter (Cou) from Prado, 53:40; Sency (Haz) unassisted, 62:16; Yesmarlyn Diaz (Haz) from Hailey Kaschak.

Shots: Cou 18, Haz 13. Corners: Cou 6, Haz 3. Saves: Cou (Courtney Wartella), Haz (Holly Buchman) 8.

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