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Teen Accused of Impregnating Sister

February 19, 1999

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) _ An immigrant teen-ager who pleaded guilty to having sex with his 12-year-old sister has been sentenced to six months in jail and faces deportation to his native India.

Family members went to court last year to win the right to take the girl to Kansas for a late-term abortion, which is illegal in Michigan.

Her 18-year-old brother, who was 17 when the girl got pregnant, pleaded guilty in December to criminal sexual conduct. He could have gotten two years in prison.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service said it will deport him when he finishes his jail term. The parents, factory workers who came to the United States 18 months ago, said they will leave the country if he is deported.

Judge Roland Olzark and prosecutor Steven Kaplan said the parents bear significant responsibility for putting their son and daughter in the same small bedroom.

``I see a young man with an excellent future, absent this offense,″ the judge said.

The girl and parents had opposed prosecution and asked that he not be jailed. All three were in court Thursday but did not speak.

The teen-ager, who must report to jail within a week of his graduation from high school in June, was also given three years of probation.

Immigration law requires the deportation of non-citizens who commit what the government considers ``aggravated felonies,″ said INS District Director Carol Jenifer in Detroit.

``He is not eligible to remain in this country,″ Ms. Jenifer said.

Defense attorney Arthur Garton said kicking his client out of the country would punish his entire family.

``If there ever was one, this is a case that strongly merits mitigation, rather than deportation,″ Garton said.

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