Tax cuts will need to paid for in future -- Mike Walsh

September 12, 2018

The current Republican Party and the Trump administration keep banging their drum about the success of the tax cuts they passed earlier this year as an accomplishment.

In a sense, it is a great accomplishments -- even if it mainly benefited corporations and hasn’t yet to trickled down to the general population. In another sense, the tax cut is a disaster due to increased spending. This cut is like an individual taking a pay cut, and at the same time buying a house and joining an exclusive country club. Sooner or later the mortgage comes due and the country club dues have to be paid.

In this case, that puts current taxpayers and future generations in more of a bind than they already were in to pay down the national debt. I don’t mind the Republicans taking credit for lowering taxes but they need to start painting a complete picture of the long term impact.

Mike Walsh, Prairie Du Sac

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