Residents urges to avoid wildlife displaced by Hurricane Florence

September 20, 2018

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Residents in areas affected by Hurricane Florence and flooding in the state should be cautious of wildlife that have moved to high ground.

The natural instinct of these creatures is to seek safety and return to their natural habitats once nature allows. S.C. Department of Natural Resources Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Deputy Director Emily Cope said while some animals do not have the speed or mobility to escape, fish and other wildlife are generally resilient species and, while there may be some negative impact to the local population, they will rebound to normal levels with proper habitat management.

“While SCDNR understands and appreciates public concern, we want to assure everyone that the overall fish and wildlife populations are stable and should not experience any long-term negative impacts from this natural disaster,” she stated.

People who spot wildlife are asked to leave the animals alone: do not approach them, attempt to feed them, or attempt to catch them. If an injured animal is spotted, people are asked to call their local wildlife control officials. For information regarding hunting season and SCDNR property closures as a result of flooding, please go to www.dnr.sc.gov.

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