Josh Gordon up in smoke - Minister of Culture

September 21, 2018

Josh Gordon up in smoke - Minister of Culture

CLEVELAND, Ohio- The Browns traded Josh Gordon this week. The final straw regarding his ongoing employment with the Browns was his showing up late for Saturday’s practice citing a pulled hamstring and seeming “not himself,” as league sources told Cleveland.com.

The super talented Gordon, 27, had a rocky career with the Browns during which he opted for drug treatment five times. He missed most of the games he was scheduled to play while was here. He inspired a popular T-shirt which had a picture of his face on a marijuana leaf with words “Legalize Gordon” across the front.

I was kind of intrigued by that phrase “not himself.” It’s kind of an existential concept to be “not yourself.” Is it really possible not to be yourself? I was thinking that being himself was kind of the problem. It reminded me of a cartoon in the New Yorker where a couple is at the front door of a party they are about to enter. The woman says to the man, “Don’t be yourself.”

Who do you be if not yourself?

It also made me think of that phrase: “No matter where you go, there you are.” I think someone thought that up as a response to what some people call the “geographic cure.” That’s where someone tries to solve a problem by changing their location. With Gordon going to the New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick we will have an opportunity to test the geographic cure theory out.

When I heard he said he wasn’t himself I thought who is he? Bob Marley? Cheech Marin? Willie Nelson? Louis Armstrong?

I read somewhere that Satchmo smoke marijuana every day of his adult life. And he’s considered a national treasure and an international ambassador. I also wondered what will happen when marijuana becomes legal. Can the NFL ban a legal substance? As analgesics go, marijuana has to be relatively mild solution to the problem of chronic pain. And who needs pain relief more than an NFL player? They basically get in what amounts to a car accident on every play. Better to smoke a little reefer than get strung out on legal prescription pain killers. Right?

What are the marijuana laws in New England? Potguide.com tells me that the state of Massachusetts legalized marijuana for medical purposes in 2012 and for recreational in 2016. Problem solved for Gordon, I think.

Wouldn’t be just our luck that Gordon goes on to catch ten or 12 touchdown passes this season. What are the chances we will face them in the playoffs?

Regardless, like they say, timing is everything. I was reading a story on TotalSports.com. The writer, Darrelle Lincoln, reported that the trade for Josh Gordon that sent him to New England took place last Monday at precisely. . .you guessed it, 4:20 p.m.

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