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Moscow Weather Office Strikes To Protest Violence In Lithuania With PM-Soviet-Baltics

January 16, 1991

MOSCOW (AP) _ Workers at the Moscow weather bureau held a one-day strike today to protest the military crackdown in Lithuania, and published a newspaper appeal for an independent investigation into weekend violence in the republic.

″By this action, we express our resolute protest against the onset of reactionary forces in the country, the escalation of violence and violations of human rights,″ workers at the Soviet Hydrometeorological Center said in a statement.

The statement was published in the Russian Newspaper, the organ of the Russian republic’s Supreme Soviet. Boris Yeltsin, the president of the Russian republic, has tried to rally opposition to the Kremlin’s strong-arm tactics in trying to hold on to the Baltic republics, which were annexed in 1940.

″We express our sympathy to the brotherly people of the Lithuanian republic which sacrificed victims in the name of freedom and independence of its homeland,″ it said.

At least 14 people were killed and 230 injured when Soviet troops stormed Lithuania’s main broadcasting center early Sunday.

The assault followed the forcible seizure of seven other key buildings in and around the capital, Vilnius, and warnings by President Mikhail S. Gorbachev that he would clamp down on the republic’s independence drive.

The statement expressed support for Lithuanian independence, and called for an independent investigation of the violence in Vilnius as well as in Baku, Azerbaijan, and Tbilisi, Georgia, where Soviet troops killed scores in crackdowns in 1989 and 1990.

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