Ending flower spending proper choice by county

August 20, 2018

If you’re broke, you look at saving every possible dime.

So Kankakee County has done the right thing by axing spending on flower arrangements for most employee occasions. Ditto for the idea of ending the use of taxpayer funds to buys savings bonds for newborns.

Savings bonds, of course, are a patriotic type of investment. You are loaning the government some money — and they need it. However, bonds are no longer available in a certificate form. They are electronic. This was an extraordinary benefit, funded by the taxpayers. Our guess is that few, if any, private businesses offer this benefit.

The county will still, up to a limit of $70, use public funds to buy flowers for employee funerals.

Now a lot of firms and groups have “flower funds.” In some cases, businesses do pay. In many cases, though, the employees chip in to cover the cost. Our own experience is that the dispensing of the funds can be, well, irregular. Unless there is a hard and fast rule about who is eligible, some occasions can get overlooked.

Our guess is that interest in such funds is fading. Families are smaller than they used to be. The definition about what constitutes a family also has expanded. One would hope everyone errs on the side of generosity — but that doesn’t always happen.

Meanwhile, this is not an area where taxpayer funds should be spent. A voluntary fund is the better option. It also would be appropriate for one’s supervisor to send a card or arrangement, but we doubt every taxpayer in the county ought to pay.

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