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Names In The Game

July 31, 1991

TORONTO (AP) _ ″FlowerPower″ is sweeping across Canada.


Isn’t that a counterculture movement left over from the 1960s?

No, this ″FlowerPower″ is an energy drink marketed by Hall of Fame hockey player Guy Lafleur.

″My nickname has always been Flower to the league,″ said Lafleur, who played on five Stanley Cup championship teams with the Montreal Canadiens and retired from the Quebec Nordiques at the end of last season. ’I really liked the name. It has a lot of punch in it, especially for an energy thirst quencher. It’s a perfect name for it.″

The company that markets the drink, which contains 25 percent fruit juice, had predicted sales of 60,000 cases in the first year in Canada, but they sold that amount in less than two weeks in Quebec and the Maritimes. Over 500,000 cases - which contain 12 bottles each - have been sold in Eastern Canada in less than four months.

Lafleur and his partners are introducing the drink into Ontario and plan to expand to Western Canada later in the year.


OTTAWA (AP) - It doesn’t matter where potential buyers of the Ottawa Rough Riders come from - Canada, the United States or elsewhere - as long as they can afford to run the team, says John Candy, actor and part-owner of the Toronto Argonauts.

″Money is money, son,″ the comedian said Tuesday during a one-day visit to Ottawa to promote the Rough Riders, the CFL team the league took over last week and is trying to sell. ″What the board of governors will all want is the best owners for this club and for the city. It just doesn’t matter where they’re from.″

The Riders were owned by a partnership of local businessmen that collapsed last week when all the partners quit the team’s board of directors, leaving the club with no financial backing.


PITTSBURG, Calif. (AP) - Little League pitcher Mike Ippolito found himself overmatched when he looked at pinch-hitter Kate Fontana.

″She winked at him and got him all nervous,″ Fairfield manager Frank Ippolito told the Fairfield Daily Republic after Tuesday’s 6-1 tournament loss to Antioch. ″The next pitch was right over the plate.″

Fontana hit a home run in a five-run fourth as Antioch eliminated Ippolito from the area tournament. The pitcher broke into laughter, along with most of his teammates, as Fontana rounded the bases.

″She was batting and then she winked at him,″ Fairfield shortstop Brandon Aldridge. ″That’s why we were laughing. We couldn’t help it.″

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