WASHINGTON (AP) _ As President Clinton testified Monday before prosecutors from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's office, Monica Lewinsky was nowhere in sight.

There was no sign of Ms. Lewinsky outside her apartment at the Watergate complex. She was not seen outside the office of her lawyers. And there were no reports of her eating at any of the downtown restaurants she has frequented in recent months.

In fact, family friends would not even confirm if the former White House intern, a native of California, was in Washington .

In Los Angeles, the lights were on late Monday inside the Brentwood home of Ms. Lewinsky's father, Dr. Bernard Lewinsky. But unlike days when Ms. Lewinsky is known to be in town, no reporters were camped out at the home.

When Ms. Lewinsky testified before the grand jury, Clinton was in plain view, attending a crime event in the Rose Garden at the White House.