Support Schuller for District 30

November 6, 2018

As neighbors, I have known Don Schuller and his family for many years. We grew up together in the same area. Don was brought up with a good work ethic, honesty and integrity. He treats everyone with respect and always has the time to listen. He will always give you his perspective and may not tell you what you want to hear but will challenge you to think of all the options. Don is a community-oriented person and believes in all people.

Being raised in a family that farmed, while his dad also worked on the railroad, gave Don a broader perspective of the farming and labor issues that we are facing in the 30th District. Among those issues, we need more labor related jobs to come back to our district and state. Just as important, we need property tax relief on the farm.

As a member of both the Sons of the American Legion and the Co-op Board, Don has always been diligent, thorough and good at compromise. These attributes carried over to his work on his farm and at the Natural Resources Conservation Service, which is why I am voting for Don Schuller. I know he will stand strong for the people of the 30th District.

Marc Hroch, Wymore

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