Peyton Fronaphel of Winfield High earns gamer honor

August 24, 2018
Anna Davis, left, ATC at Teays Physical Therapy Center, presents the Gamer of the Week award to Peyton Fronaphel of Winfield High School.

Teays Physical Therapy Center Inc. and the Putnam Herald are pleased to present this week’s Female Gamer of the Week award to Peyton Fronaphel of Winfield High School.

Starting from a young age, Peyton has had a love for soccer. At age 4, she was introduced to the game.

“I don’t ever remember not liking soccer,” stated Peyton, “It has always been a constant in my life.”

Outside of soccer Peyton is also a member of the Winfield Generals track team. Being only a junior, Peyton still has plenty of time to decide what she wants to do with her future. She stated she would love to continue her soccer career at the collegiate level and has started to look into several programs.

“I know that being a college athlete is hard, but I don’t want to stop (playing soccer) once I graduate,” she said.

Achieving that goal should be no problem at all, according to head coach Marshall Hoff, who said, “Peyton is very determined; you had better not get in her way once she puts her mind to something.”

Many teams hold a high standard when it comes to determining varsity vs. junior varsity. The Lady Generals soccer team is no different. With many long days of conditioning, timed skill tests and scrimmage drills, the Lady Generals hit the ground running, winning all of their games so far this season.

“We have worked hard to be where we are. I would have to say being in the best shape has really helped.”

Peyton went on to explain that they work on conditioning every practice.

“It is part of the sport; you need to be in shape to play all 90 minutes,” stated Peyton. “If you aren’t where you need to be, you will let your team down, and no one wants that.”

With their heads held high, Peyton and her team look forward to the rest of the season. “They play well together, I’m excited to see where we end up when it is all said and done,” said coach Hoff.

When Peyton was asked what she believed the key to their success has been, she simply stated, “Communication.”

With further explanation, she went on to say that without clear communication on the field, they would not have done as well as they have.

“It’s important to know where people are and who is open. Having a team who openly communicates helps tremendously.”

So far this season, Peyton has scored five goals and has also registered several assists. “I couldn’t have done it without my team; they are so supportive.”

It’s not only important to have a supportive team, but also important to have supportive coaches, Peyton explained, to have coaches who push you and expect the best from you completely changes the ball game.

“You always want to work hard, but when your coach puts so much time and effort into you, you do not want to let them down.”

With her head in the game, Peyton has big plans for this season. “I want to make it to states, but most importantly I want us to play the game like we know how.”

Look for more Gamers of the Week presented by the Putnam Herald and Teays Physical Therapy Center Inc. every Friday. If you would like to nominate a Gamer of the Week, please have a coach or athletic director contact Anna Davis, ATC, at Teays Physical Therapy Center Inc., 304-757-7293.

Anna Davis, ATC, Is administrator of fitness operations at Teays Physical Therapy Center Inc.

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