Boys & Girls Clubs name Youth of the Year, Kid of the Year

February 24, 2019

BULLHEAD CITY — Nominees for the 2019 Kid and Youth of the Year awards gave speeches Saturday about what the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River means to them. Many talked about staff members who helped guide them along the way, and what they like to do outside of the club.

Many of the club members have gone to the club for years, and Youth of the Year winner Arsenio Bojarquez Castillo is a prime example.

Castillo, now 18, has gone to the Bullhead club since he was 6 years old. He has seen all three stages of being a Boys and Girls club member from going as a kid, to becoming a leader in training, and now a youth development professional.

“I have been working here for over a year now, and the kids and co-workers make the ambiance great,” he said. “I try to be a mentor for them just like others were to me when I first started coming.”

After he graduates from high school, he plans on attending Arizona State University for civil engineering, and maybe law school after that. But before that journey begins, he will compete at the state level for Youth of the Year.

“I’m excited to see Arsenio go on to state and really carry his story further,” club executive director Autumn Boyle-Robinson, said.

Third-grader Izbella Navarro was the recipient of the 2019 Kid of the Year award.

Navarro was very proud and said she couldn’t wait to celebrate with her family by getting ice cream later in the day.

“Izbella genuinely loves helping people, and I got to see that when I went with her on a field trip at Murphy Broadcasting,” Boyle-Robinson said. “She encourages everyone. It’s so nice to see.”

Lilly Gutierrez and Gavin Addington represented the Laughlin club as they were nominated for Kid of the Year.

“I am very proud of both of them, and I really appreciate the support their families gave to help them through the process,” Laughlin unit director Renata Faccioli said. “Both of our nominees really capture elements of what a good community member is and they represent what our club is all about.”

Faccioli hopes to have even more Laughlin members get nominated in the future.

The morning breakfast also covered staff awards and thanked all those in the community who volunteered time and money to help make the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River what it is today.