Answer Man: How can I help animals in Calif. wildfires?

August 5, 2018

Dear Answer Man, I’m concerned about the animals caught in the wildfires (in Calif.), both pets and wild animals. Can you advise the best organization to contribute to? — Julie

I’m glad to hear you’re on fire to help the animals in California, Julie.

So far, this year’s wildfire season has consumed more than 500,000 acres and resulted in eight casualties. There are 17 wildfires raging across California. The most recent, called the Mendocino Complex Fire, started July 27 in Mendocino County, burning 68,000 acres in the first three days.

I reached out to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for details on how they’re responding to this natural disaster.

Due to the number of fires burning throughout the state, they were unable to give me an estimate of the number of animals (pets, livestock or wildlife) affected by the fires.

However, I was told by Alyssa Fleck, Media and Communications Manager for the ASPCA, that in the Lake and Mendocino County area alone, the ASPCA has partnered with Lake County Animal Care & Control to rescue more than 300 animals.

Representatives from the LC AC&C confirmed that active rescue efforts include providing food and shelter for rescued pets and livestock from evacuated areas, some of which are relocated to temporary facilities outside mandatory evacuation zones.

If you’d like to contribute to their efforts, I’d suggest donating your money directly to the LC AC&C through their volunteer disaster rescue group, Lake Evacuation and Animal Protection (LEAP). Donations go toward buying food and providing housing for rescued animals.

Checks can be made out to Lake County Animal Care & Control/LEAP and mailed to 4949 Helbush, Lakeport, CA 95453.

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