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October 9, 1990

NEW YORK (AP) _ The muse has overtaken Marilyn Quayle, wife of Vice President Dan Quayle, and flown her imagination to Havana.

Mrs. Quayle has just completed her first novel, a story about the quest for control of Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro, according to the latest issue of New York magazine.

Written with her sister, Nancy Northcott, the manuscript tentatively titled ″The Rage of the Lamb,″ is making the rounds of some publishers, the magazine said.

Details of the Mrs. Quayle’s literary effort were as hard to come by as a good Cuban cigar in the United States.

Robert Barnett, Quayle’s lawyer, told the magazine: ″I have been working on a project with Mrs. Quayle and Nancy Northcott, but I’m not prepared to discuss it at this time.″


IRVINE, Calif. (AP) - Folk singer Judy Collins says she’s enjoying renewed interest in her career and having as much fun recording, writing and singing as she did at the height of her popularity in the 1960s and ’70s.

Miss Collins was scheduled to perform Tuesday at the University of California, Irvine.

Best known for her renditions of ″Both Sides Now″ and ″Amazing Grace,″ the performer’s recordings on the Elektra label are being reissued on CDs. She also has a new album, ″Fires of Eden.″

Even the association Miss Collins had with the peace movement two decades ago is continuing with her current involvement in social issues. She recently performed at a New York rally for African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela.

″I went to sing for Mandela this year and Tracy Chapman was there,″ she said in an interview published Monday in the Orange County Register. ″It felt good to be linking arms with the present.″


EUGENE, Ore. (AP) - To honor the memory of his son Jed, author Ken Kesey went where he’d expect to find him.

The Kesey family gathered early Monday on Mount Pisgah for installation of a bronze sculpture by Peter Helzer.

The artwork commissioned by the family commemorates the lives of Jed Kesey and Lorenzo West, teammates on the University of Oregon wrestling team. They died six years ago when a team van plunged off an icy Washington highway.

The surface of the 40-inch-high sculpture is a relief map of mountains, rivers and towns in the Eugene area. Supporting it are three bronze columns depicting Oregon’s geologic history with images of fossils.

The family selected the mountaintop after Kesey’s daughter, Sunshine, asked him where they might go to meet Jed if ″somehow we were to die and go into some kind of limbo.″

″I had this flash,″ said Kesey, who wrote ″One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest″ and ″Sometimes a Great Notion.″ ″And then I knew that if we were going to meet somewhere, Jed would know to meet me up here on Mount Pisgah.″


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Cartoonist Matt Groening, creator of television’s offbeat cartoon family ″The Simpsons,″ says his mission is to offer a joke for everyone.

″Our ambition is to do a show that is watched by the whole family,″ Groening said in an interview for Wednesday’s syndicated TV show ″Personalities.″

″We know that not everybody is going to get every joke, but we think that there’s enough stuff in there for the little kids as well as more sophisticated stuff for grownups and ourselves to keep everybody amused.″

The fall premiere of Fox Network’s ″The Simpsons″ airs Thursday night.

Groening said he’s always dreamed of having a prime-time cartoon show.

″It’s a strange fantasy to have,″ he said. ″I was actually surprised that no one else did it. I mean, when I was a kid watching ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘The Flintstones’ and ‘Johnny Quest’ and a few other forgotten ones, I thought that somebody else would catch on.

″It seems to me that there was an audience there, and I certainly felt part of it was for good animation on at night.″

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