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Sea Adventurer Makes Successful Crossing in Bottle

August 16, 1990

LONDON (AP) _ A Scottish adventurer believes he established two firsts when he chugged ashore Thursday in southeastern England - the first to make five solo trips across the Atlantic and the first to cross in a ″bottle.″

Tom McClean left New York on July 10 aboard his 37-foot scarlet red, bottle-shaped steel boat. The crossing took 37 days.

″It was not a bad old bottle,″ said the 47-year-old McClean.

He said the boat was very stable but only traveled 3 1/2 knots, or 4 mph. ″I had to be very patient. The main problem was the winds blowing the wrong way,″ he said.

McClean said the motor and sail-powered Typhoo Atlantic Challenger had an oak four-poster bed, which didn’t get much use.

″Because of the movement of the craft, I had to sleep sideways in it to stop falling off, so I only slept about 90 minutes each night,″ he said.

McClean said his previous voyages on the 2,950-mile route included the earliest crossing by rowboat, in 70 days in 1969, and in the smallest yacht, a boat 7 feet, 9 inches long.

McClean used the crossing to raise $950,000 for the National Children’s Home charity, which cares for orphans in Britain.

Guinness Book of World Records spokeswoman Felicity Goodman said there is no record of transatlantic ″bottle″ crossings, or of five solo crossings. To qualify for a world record McClean must submit the details of the crossing for verification, Ms. Goodman said.

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